Kathryn Madison

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Debut Novel by Kathryn Madison


The Canadian Rockies summons woman and wolf – survive or die. A divorce drives veterinarian Alexandra Verazzano to a job with the Canadian Wildlife Service, where her story mirrors that of Survivor, a white wolf, born as Alex takes up solitary residence in the mountains. Nature is the unforgiving crucible that challenges them both to forge lives of strength through the struggle against wilderness and man.

From the darkness of the Seattle underground, through the depths of Monterey Bay, into the wilds of the Canadian Rockies, the worlds of flesh and fur twist and weave, as woman and wolf rely on their individual determination and familial bonds to meet every challenge.

When a forest fire threatens life itself, Alex and Survivor are brought together, sentient beings whose survival will depend on their choices and their courage. This fast-paced saga highlights the bonds of human and wolf societies, and reveals why wolves have always provoked such strong emotions in people.



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Cover by Buster Blue of Blue Artisans Design.
Eye photograph of Traci Harris by Dan Parker
ISBN# 1-59092-130-5
Published by Windstorm Creative 2005


Praise for

"Everyone who loves the outdoors will be delighted by this wonderful novel. The story of Alex's reinvention of her life among the characters of the Canadian wilderness, both human and lupine, is vividly and memorably told. From the depths of the underwater canyon off Monterey to the wrong side of a raging forest fire, this is a writer who has been there and knows what she's talking about. Highly recommended!"

-Kim Stanley Robinson

Hugo and Nebula award-winning bestselling author of "The Mars Trilogy" and "Forty Signs of Rain".

Tri City Voice Review



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